Needs to Develop and Expose Communities’ Knowledge: Inaugural Editorial Statement

  • Funane Potia Khanare
  • Kananga Robert Mukuna
  • Mokgadi Moletsane
  • Liu Chia
  • Lloyd Daniel Nkoli Tlale
  • Peter Aloka
  • Charity Okeke
  • Thomas Mabasa
  • Chista Beyers
  • Ifeoma Eze


The genesis of the world revealed that human beings are born with inherent abilities, talents, and capacities; and build on the strengths and talents they already have to improve their holistic well-being. We do not always have to reinvent ourselves for successful well-being. Instead, we need to find ways to deploy “best self” in new and significant ways, bringing knowledge systems in psychology, augmenting, enabling, and enhancing holistic learning with the vision of the International Journal of Studies in Psychology (IJSPSY). This should be conducting research that is responsive and has significant relevance to the researchers, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers that the IJSPSY Editorial Board voted to launch a new journal.