About the Journal

Open Peer-Review 

Authors can make reviewers’ comments and editorial decisions allowing their manuscripts to be published along with the final paper. For further information, kindly see the Editorial, Paper with Review Comments.

Fast Publication: All manuscripts will be blind peer-reviewed, and a first decision is provided to the author(s) approximately 4-8 weeks after initial submission. Its acceptance for publication will be undertaken after the revision of the manuscripts to the satisfaction of the editorial board within 10 working days of the resubmission.

Scope and Aim

The International Journal of Studies in Psychology (IJSPSY)(e-ISSN: 2710-2327, p-ISSN2710-2319) is a blind peer-reviewed and fully open access journal that provides an advanced platform and opportunities for studies in psychologically related research outputs.

The Editorial Board welcomes empirical, conceptual, scholastic, and theoretical articles critically analyzed and interpreted in all its holistic (general psychology): individual human behaviors, social, well-being, mental health, physiological, emotional, indigenous psychology, mental well-being, educational psychology, psycholinguistic, and inclusive education.

The scholarly articles are to be prepared, treated, and interpreted with the same academic rigor expected of academic researches.

IJSPSY aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, publishing professionals, librarians, and others to communicate original researches that address current issues informed by the best practices. 

Scholarly publishing has only recently begun to exploit the full potential of networked digital technologies, which affects the broader process of research communication, including public access to and engagement with research. 

Influential trends towards responsible research and innovation, the globalization of research, the emergence and inclusion of new or previously excluded stakeholders, and the advent of open science are reshaping scholarly publishing's scope and nature. 

The social, legal, and ethical dimensions of publications continue to co-evolve with these changes. Publications aim to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, publishing professionals, librarians, and others to communicate original empirical and theoretical research on these and related topics to address current issues and inform best practices.

Scope of publications

The International Journal of Studies in Psychology (IJSPSY) is a psychology publication in the Education Research and Rural Community Development Forum. It relies on a vast theoretical and practical, and thematically scholarly psychology that includes unpublished academic research in human behavior issues. These include indigenous psychology, mental well-being, Community developmental psychology, educational psychology, psycholinguistic, and inclusive education.

Selection of manuscripts

The publisher developed a quality checking phase of the manuscripts' choice for the journal.

Phase 1: Basic Check

The editor or editorial assistant checks the received manuscripts initially to determine their fitness to the journal's aims and scope. All manuscripts that are not fitted to the journal's scope will be rejected, and/or be advised to be submitted elsewhere.

Phase 2: Similarity Check

The IJSPSY firstly checks all submitted manuscripts for plagiarism. It uses Turnitin to match the rate of similarities to previously published documents. All manuscripts containing 10 % above plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, and dishonesty, will be rejected.

Phase 3: Peer review

The IJSPSY uses a double-blind system for peer-review of the manuscripts issued from Phase 2. Both reviewers' and authors' identities are made anonymous. Our reviewers are experts in the specific field (One editorial staff member and three external reviewers). The review processes take 4 to 8 weeks. A probable second round of peer review may be initiated in some single cases, if editors and reviewers may recommend it.

Phase 4: Acceptance result/Rejection decision

The acceptance of an article is based on the average score provided by various peer reviewers. The reviewers mark a submitted manuscript related to 5 scales: 1- 5. A manuscript is accepted for publication when it obtains an average score of not less than 2.5. However, a manuscript with a score higher than 2.5 may be rejected when an editor or reviewer thinks it is not suitable for publication.

Author Guidelines

The primary natures of publications are described as follows: 

  • The length of manuscripts or texts submitted for publications should be concise and complete. The manuscripts submitted for publications should neither be published elsewhere nor be under consideration for publications in another journal.
  • Articles should reflect the originality of research manuscripts. The International Journal of Studies in Psychology may consider all original research manuscripts submitted from work reports scientifically sound, researchable, and reliable. It should provide enough new knowledge in the field of psychological studies. Authors are advised to unnecessarily split their work into various pieces of similar manuscripts
  • Publications of case reports that can be published in the detailed results are considered as a single project. The case of reports in the psychological studies context should be fully described in the case and conclude, relevant for the scholarship audience.

Submission procedures 

Manuscripts for publications should be submitted online at Editor@ijspsy.org.

The authors are required to register and log in to the submission link. Once you have registered, click here to log into the submission form for publications. Both the corresponding author and the co-authors will be able to view their manuscript details in the submission system if they have registered and logged in using the email address provided during manuscript submission.

Accepted file formats

Authors must use the Microsoft Word Template in the preparation of their manuscripts. It is essential to use this template file for copy-editing matters. If you experience a challenge, please feel free to contact the Editorial Office: Editor@ijspsy.org. When the manuscript is accepted, authors should follow the journal guidelines. All graphics (Schemes, Figures, Diagrams, Tables, etc.) should be included in the main text after the paragraph of its specific citation.

Formatting requirements 

After the acceptance of manuscripts for publications, the IJSPSY has specific formatting requirements.

  • All manuscripts must contain the required sections such as Title, Authors and Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methods and instruments, Results, Discussions and Conclusions, Funding Information (Optional), Acknowledgements (optional), Conflict of Interest and other Ethics Statements, References, and Figures and Tables with Captions (Optional). 
  • The references may follow the APA style (6th Edition), which should provide consistent formatting.