Gender, Age and Grade Level Differences in Psychological Factors among Immigrant Francophone Adolescent Learners in the South African School Settings

  • Kanaga Robert Mukuna University of Free State
Keywords: Adolescent learners, Aggressiveness, Emotional regulation, Empathy, Immigrant francophone, Psychological factors


Psychological factors are important for boys or girls, depending on age and grade level. This study examines emotional regulation, aggressiveness, empathy, and sympathy, as psychological factors to peer interaction, manifest in adolescence (N= 83, 52 girls and 31 boys, aged between 14 and 19 years). A psychological factors scale was purposively employed as a data collection instrument. The chi-square results partially confirmed previous results, namely, aggressiveness and sympathy, in accordance with gender and age. However, this did not apply to emotional regulation. The implications of these findings are discussed in this paper.